Invited talk at iLRN – Designing Queer Technologies

Happy Pride Month! For us here at the Queer Code Collective, Pride is a celebration of our histories and cultures and the ongoing social movement struggles for equity and justice. If you’re somewhere in the world where you’re celebrating Pride in June, the Queer Code Collective wishes you a Happy Pride!

Screen capture of iLRN talk in the Virbela virtual conference platform. Dylan is represented as an avatar on a stage with three large digital presentation screens behind them.

This month, Dylan was invited as a featured plenary speaker at the Immersive Learning Research Network Conference where they spoke about their dissertation research as well as the Queer Code Collective’s design work. You can see in the picture above, Dylan is in avatar form on a virtual stage in the Virbela platform with their presentation slides on the virtual screens behind them. The talk, Designing Queer Technologies: A Phenomenological Reorientation of Immersive and Interactive Learning, is up on iLRN’s YouTube. Thanks so much to the organizers of iLRN for the invitation!

Flip through the presentation slides: