Creative Coding Interview

Dylan was recently contacted by Dover Horesh, a student in the Creative Technology and Design graduate program at CU Boulder with a request to do an interview for their creative coding class. Dover asked lots of interesting questions and so we thought we’d share the conversation publicly. Includes links to resources for aspiring and emerging LGBTQ+ virtual reality developers.

Queer Code In the News: Gazette des Femmes – Virtual Reality in the Service of Equality

Gazette des Femmes just published about virtual reality in the service of equality and Queer Code is in it! Written by Andrée-Marie Dussault, the article, La réalité virtuelle au service de l’égalité / Virtual Reality in the Service of Equality, is an interesting look at emergent feminist, queer, and trans work in VR. We’re thankful toContinue reading “Queer Code In the News: Gazette des Femmes – Virtual Reality in the Service of Equality”

Invited talk at iLRN – Designing Queer Technologies

Happy Pride Month! For us here at the Queer Code Collective, Pride is a celebration of our histories and cultures and the ongoing social movement struggles for equity and justice. If you’re somewhere in the world where you’re celebrating Pride in June, the Queer Code Collective wishes you a Happy Pride! This month, Dylan wasContinue reading “Invited talk at iLRN – Designing Queer Technologies”

Oculus Developers Spotlight

We’re very happy to share the Oculus Developers spotlight about the Queer Code Collective and the making of Mementorium! It includes a spiffy video of our studio and even a quick cameo of our furry friends, Yoda (cat), Pippin (large dog), and Dharma (small dog). We hope you enjoy this sneak peek behind the scenes!Continue reading “Oculus Developers Spotlight”