The research highlighted here is connected to Dylan Paré‘s PhD dissertation work in the Learning Sciences and is ongoing. Publications will be added as they become available.

Dylan has a long history of research and activism and their dissertation research is motivated by and comes out of these experiences. Their community organizing and activist work has spanned social issues, including gender and sexuality, race, disability, animal justice, and post-secondary student affairs. Their research is theoretically influenced by years of study in critical theory, transdisciplinary and intersectional feminist and queer theory, and learning sciences theory.

Research Focuses

Critical Theory

Virtual Reality

Computer Simulations

STEM Education

Gender and Sexuality


Digital Art

Public Computing

Selected Publications

Paré, D., Shanahan, M-C. & Sengupta, P. (2020). Queering Complexity Using Multi-Agent Simulations. In M. Gresalfi & L. Horn (Eds.), Interdisciplinarity in the Learning Sciences, 14th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), (pp. 1397-1404). London: International Society of the Learning Sciences.

Nominated for Best Student Paper at the 2020 International Conference of the Learning Sciences.

Paré, D., Sengupta, P., Windsor, S., Craig, J., & Thompson, M. (2019). Queering virtual reality: A prolegomenon. In Sengupta, P., Shanahan, M-C., & Kim, B. (Eds). Critical, transdisciplinary and embodied approaches in STEM education. (pp. 307 – 328). Springer, Cham.