Flocking Bow Valley Debut

Sunday was a beautiful day to debut Queer Code Collective’s new Flocking Bow Valley exhibit on the big screen in Canmore, AB at ArtsPlace Canmore’s Festival of Art and Creativity and as part of the first Canmore Pride. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

This sim is now available online! Check it out at Flocking Bow Valley! It runs on the web from mobile📱 or PC💻.

Flocking Bow Valley is an extension of the original Flocking QT Stories installation, with all-new stories collected from Bow Valley LGBTQ2S+ community members and a redesign of the simulation.

The new simulation has 42 short stories (approximately 90 minutes total) about gender and sexuality-based marginalization and resilience embedded in a multi-agent-based simulation that illustrates how structural (macro-level) phenomena such as gender and
sexuality-based marginalization and resilience can manifest through individual-level interactions between computational agents.

Through art, code, and community stories, Flocking Bow Valley aims to share the diversity of sexuality and gender experiences and how marginalization and resilience show up in our everyday lives. This simulation was made possible through the support of artsPlace Canmore, Canmore Pride, and the many people residing in the Bow Valley area who shared their stories.

The Flocking Queer/Trans Simulations are part of Dylan Paré’s Ph.D. dissertation research in the Learning Sciences in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary, Canada. Dylan is researching how storytelling combined with immersive and interactive computational simulations can help people learn critical sociopolitical perspectives of gender and sexuality and consider gender and sexuality as complex, emergent phenomena.

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